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Free: Annuity Rate Comparison Report
Guaranteed Interest Rates as High as 4.30%

Don't settle for low interest rates. Beat the bank with fixed annuities that offer guaranteed interest rates more than twice that of the average bank CD for the same duration! Our comparison report reveals the highest yielding annuities in the country.

Multi-year guaranteed (fixed-rate) annuities provide pre-determined and contractually guaranteed interest rates for a specified period of time, commonly 3-10 years. For this reason, they are often compared to Bank CD’s.

Benefits of Fixed Annuities Include:

  • Typically offer higher interest rates than bank CD’s
  • Include liquidity options for penalty free and systematic withdrawals
  • Lifetime income options available
  • Interest earnings are tax-deferred when compounded
  • Principal guaranteed…free from market risk and price fluctuations
  • No fees, loads or sales charges

Explore your options with our free report and start earning more interest today!

Annuity Rate Report

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