Could your retirement use more guaranteed income?

If you're making decisions about retirement, consider an annuity that, with an initial premium today...can guarantee that you'll receive a monthly paycheck during retirement. For your entire life.

Payout rates include interest and return of principal.

This flexible premium, deferred income annuity is issued by an "A++" A.M. Best Rated Company, founded in 1841 with over $139 billion in assets.

Benefits include:


Guaranteed Lifetime Income that you CANNOT Outlive


Flexible funding options and income payment schedules


Security of knowing your income stream is not subject to the ups and downs of the stock market


Simple, worry-free, lifetime income with no recurring fees
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2. Rates effective as of 01/19/2015 for a male annuitiant, $100,000 premium and Life with Cash Refund payout option. Rates are subject to change and payout will vary with age, gender, payout option selected and premium amount. Actual amounts are dependent upon interest rates in effect at time of policy issue. Payout amounts for female applicants, who have longer life expectancies, are lower. In the states of MT, payout amounts do not differentiate male and female life expectancies. Income is payable for the life of the annuitant. With the Cash Refund payout option, if the annuitant dies before receiving payouts that total the premium amount, the beneficiary receives in a lump sum the difference between the premium paid for the policy and the total payments to the annuitant. Payout rates will vary for the other income plans and for premiums less than $100,000. Certain limitations may apply to payout options, including age restrictions.