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Annuity Basics and Fixed Indexed Annuities Image

Annuity Basics

Annuity Basics Overview

Want to learn more about the different types of annuity products and how you can use them to better secure your retirement with guarantees? You’ve come to the right place. Whether your goal is to Grow Your Money, Get Income Now or Guarantee Future Income, there are annuities available that can help you get there.

Explore our Glossary of Terms, FAQs and Annuity Basics Posts. Also, learn more about the various annuity types and match your financial objectives with the best solution.

Grow Your Money

Focus on this category of annuities if you are looking for ways to grow your money via fixed or indexed linked interest compounding, while maintaining complete protection of your principal.

Get Income Now

Do you need to create a guaranteed income stream now, or within the next year? If so, this category of annuities is designed to help you accomplish that goal in the most efficient manner possible.

Guarantee Future Income

If you want to generate the maximum amount of guaranteed income, with payments beginning in more than one year, then these are the annuities you should explore.

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