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Explore Our Calculators

Use our calculators to get answers to common retirement and financial planning questions. We have calculators to help estimate what a lump sum deposit made today would generate in income now, or what it could generate if left until a future date. You’ll also find a broad selection of easy-to-use calculators on a variety of financial topics.

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Research State Guaranty Association Coverage Limits

Every state has a Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association that backs fixed annuity products issued in that state up to certain dollar limits. This coverage is only activated in the unlikely event of an insurance company insolvency. To find out the coverage limits in your state, click the See Limits button below.

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Help Plan Your Retirement With Our Life Expectancy Tables

Understanding your probable life expectancy is important when planning for your retirement income needs. Annuities can help insure against an extra-long life and the possibility of outliving your assets. Our life expectancy tables are provided as a tool to assist you in making financial decisions with appropriate assumptions.

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Personal Finance Articles

We've put together a library of information and articles on important personal finance topics that we believe you'll find helpful. Simply click on the Go to Articles link below and you'll find a broad selection of easy-to-understand information about various financial concepts and strategies.

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Read Through Our Current and Past Newsletters

It’s an unfortunate fact that most Americans spend more time planning for vacations and holidays than they do planning for their retirement. Will you outlive your retirement income? Are your financial expectations for the coming years realistic? When can you afford to retire? Our newsletters are designed to provide helpful information on a wide variety of financial topics.

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Learn About Insurance Company Ratings and What They Mean

An insurance company’s ratings are an indicator of its financial strength and ability to honor contractual obligations to policyholders. Check out our Insurance Company Ratings page where we explore each of the four main ratings agencies and what their letter grades mean.

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Research Insurance Companies

Our Insurance Company Directory is the perfect place to research and compare numerous different companies that offer annuity products. Use it as a springboard to begin your due diligence.

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