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Category: Fixed Annuities

IRA Annuity
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Placing an annuity in an IRA may not be, as some say, like wearing a raincoat indoors

April 18, 2017

Should you buy an annuity within a traditional IRA? That’s the topic of discussion in a recently published story by Tim Grant of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In the article, AnnuityAdvantage Founder and CEO, Ken Nuss, is quoted extensively. Here are a few snippets: “…many financial advisers say it makes little sense to hold an annuity… Read more

What You Need To Know
FOXBusiness – What Rising Interest Rates Mean for Annuities

April 13, 2017

The following are excerpts from a FOXBusiness article titled, “What Rising Interest Rates Mean for Annuities,” by Casey Dowd. “Annuities can serve to be an important leg in your retirement portfolio no matter what the current interest rates are. It is difficult to determine the perfect time to invest in an annuity, but with a… Read more

Client Couple
ThinkAdvisor – Consider Fixed Annuities for Your Client’s Fixed-Income Portfolio

April 05, 2017

The following article by Ken Nuss, AnnuityAdvantage CEO and Founder, was published by ThinkAdvisor on April 5, 2017. To view the original version on the ThinkAdvisor website, visit: ### When interest rates rise, owning a fixed annuity may be safer for clients than investing in a bond fund, the author says. While most experienced agents… Read more

Annuity Information Rate Table and About Our Team Image
Article Takes on Myth that Annuities Don’t Belong in IRAs

April 05, 2017

AnnuityAdvantage CEO covers when an annuity makes sense in your retirement account in Yonkers Tribune MEDFORD, OR–(Marketwired – April 05, 2017) – Buying an annuity within your IRA or Roth IRA can be a smart move according to a recent article in the Yonkers Tribune. “Despite the conventional wisdom, it often makes perfect sense to… Read more

U.S. News & World Report – Fixed Annuities Versus Bonds

February 07, 2017

Here’s an excerpt from a recent U.S. News & World Report article by Rebecca Lake outlining the pros and cons of fixed annuities compared to bonds for producing retirement income. “Fixed annuities and bonds are designed to help investors fill income gaps in their retirement plan. When ranking pre-retirees’ biggest investment stressors, running out of… Read more

Rising Annuity Rates Benefit Retirement Portfolios, AnnuityAdvantage Data Reveals

February 01, 2017

A good substitute for bonds and CDs, offering safe income without most of their drawbacks MEDFORD, OR–(Marketwired – February 01, 2017) – Annuity rates have gone up a bit recently, according to AnnuityAdvantage’s database of 290 fixed annuities from 35 insurers. They currently pay up to 3.40 percent for a 10-year annuity, up to 3.15… Read more

Annuity Education: CD Annuities Explained

February 12, 2016

What are CD annuities? That is a very interesting question with an even more interesting answer. The fact of the matter is that there really is no such thing as a CD annuity. A certificate of deposit (CD) is issued by a bank, whereas an annuity is issued by an insurance company. Why then do… Read more

Bonds vs Fixed Annuities

February 05, 2016

A bond is an investment that is essentially an I.O.U. issued by a corporation or government agency, where the issuing entity borrows funds from an investor for a specified period of time, commonly 10 to 30 years. A return is earned when the issuing entity pays interest on the bond, typically at a fixed rate… Read more

Tax Deferred Annuities

February 04, 2016

Deferred annuities are contracts issued by insurance companies for people who want to save on a tax-deferred basis, usually for an extended period of time, and then optionally convert their accumulation value into a guaranteed monthly payout once they retire. Unlike an immediate annuity, where income payments must begin within one year of purchase, deferred… Read more

Fixed Annuity Considerations – The Many Benefits of Fixed Annuities

January 30, 2016

Fixed annuities, also referred to as tax-deferred fixed annuities, are available in many different product designs and configurations, but are at their core, a contract between an owner and an insurance company for an interest bearing policy that includes optional guaranteed income choices. With a fixed annuity, the insurance company typically credits interest annually, but… Read more

Bank Certificates of Deposit (CDs) vs Fixed Annuities

January 15, 2016

Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities (MYGAs), also called Fixed Rate or CD-type Annuities, are a type of fixed annuity that provide a pre-determined and contractually guaranteed interest rate for a specified period of time, most commonly 3-10 years. For this reason, they are often compared to Bank CD’s. Please watch this short video for a good comparison… Read more

Fixed Annuity Rates – Four Benefits of Fixed Rate Annuities

January 09, 2016

There are many reasons why fixed rate annuity products have become such a popular retirement savings vehicle for retirees and pre-retirees seeking to secure a reliable and guaranteed supplemental income for their entire lifetime; here are just four of those reasons: 1) Competitive Interest Rates – Fixed rate annuities offer competitive interest rates, as well… Read more

Fixed Annuities – Finding the Highest Annuity Rates

January 08, 2016

If you’re exploring annuity options or considering the purchase of a fixed annuity, you’ll certainly want to do your homework. Annuity rates can vary dramatically from one annuity to the next. And, in addition to the stated annuity rate, the interest guarantee term and other product features should be thoroughly reviewed and understood before making… Read more

Understanding Annuities – Things to Consider Before Buying an Annuity

January 07, 2016

Annuities offer many options for retirees and pre-retirees to increase their retirement savings and guarantee retirement income that cannot be outlived. But all of those options can become confusing, and many people have difficulty understanding their annuity choices. The main reason for all the confusion: Annuities can be single premium or flexible premium; fixed or… Read more

AnnuityAdvantage Says: More Sales Records Falling in 2014 Means Next Year Poised to See Continued Growth in Fixed Indexed Annuities

December 16, 2014

MEDFORD, Ore., Dec. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Following on the heels of a record-setting 2013, this year figures to enter the books as another strong sales period for indexed annuities. Despite a third quarter that saw an almost 9% decline from the previous quarter, overall sales for 2014 will easily pass $45 billion. The financial… Read more

Long Live Immediate Annuities: Latest Health Statistics Reveal Longer Life Expectancies, Argue for Retirement Income That Won’t Be Outlasted

October 28, 2014

MEDFORD, Ore., Oct. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Running out of retirement income is the number one worry of retirees, and with people living longer than ever before, that worry is understandable. The annuities professionals at AnnuityAdvantage suggest that there’s no better time than now to consider immediate annuities as part of one’s retirement income solution…. Read more

Are Fixed Annuities a Key To Your Financial Future?

October 02, 2014

With the future of pensions up in the air, Social Security on thin ice and 401(k) fees causing concern, more and more people are turning to other types of financial products to secure their retirement.  What is another option? Fixed Annuities.  Unlike other retirement savings vehicles, fixed annuities are issued by insurance companies and are… Read more

AnnuityAdvantage Welcomes Positive Economic News for Fixed Annuities, Recommends Near Retirees Dive in to Robust Market

September 30, 2014

MEDFORD, Ore., Sept. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — As of the second quarter, annuity sales as a whole have reached their highest level in three years. Meanwhile, fixed annuities, the specialty of AnnuityAdvantage, have hit sales numbers not seen in five years, according to data released by the Insured Retirement Institute. This surge is a result… Read more

5 Essentials For Early Retirement Planning

September 23, 2014

Who wouldn’t want to retire early and pursue their own goals and desires? The problem is that without sensible retirement planning it can be difficult to save up enough to retire at 65 and even harder to get to that point early. To help, here are five things you can do to help get yourself… Read more

The Value of Fixed Annuities and Why They Are So Popular

September 17, 2014

The trend of using fixed annuity products to create a secure retirement plan is catching on. Each quarter, year-by-year, the popularity of fixed annuities has increased and in-turn overall fixed annuity sales are on the rise. Fixed annuities are able to deliver a consistent stream of income over a long period of time and can… Read more

AnnuityAdvantage Encourages Younger Individuals to Consider Tax Benefits, Built-in Security of Fixed Annuities as Part of Retirement Planning

September 02, 2014

MEDFORD, Ore., Sept. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Not long ago, people in their thirties and forties might have believed they were “too young” to purchase an annuity. That conventional wisdom is being brushed aside as more people under 50 add fixed annuities to their retirement income strategy. As a leading provider and information resource on… Read more

Don’t Buy Into the Anti-Annuity Hype

August 18, 2014

Retirement planning is crucial to secure wealth for the long run. With corporations pulling back on pension plans and matching 401k contributions, a retirement plan that includes a predictable stream of income is essential for one to live out their retirement years comfortably. One financial tool that can provide this is an annuity. However, one of today’s biggest hurdles for… Read more

AnnuityAdvantage Hails New Regulations From Treasury Department Giving Employees More Options for Retirement Income Planning

July 17, 2014

MEDFORD, Ore., July 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Effective July 2, the Treasury Department has enacted new rules allowing employees to convert a portion of their IRA or 401k retirement funds into a qualifying deferred income annuity, officially designated as a Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC). The rules say that the value of longevity annuities can… Read more

The Value of Annuities

July 16, 2014

Retirement can mean travel, new hobbies and interests, charitable giving and leaving a financial legacy for your family. But how do you ensure you have enough to live on when your paychecks end? Purchasing annuities can help give you the opportunity to make the transition into retirement easier and more affordable.  Annuitizing can provide lifetime… Read more

2014 Barron’s Top 50 Annuities

July 02, 2014

Investors planning for retirement want simple products with low fees. The insurance industry’s answer: deferred-income contracts. Insurance companies have a long history of conjuring up new types of annuities to suit changing market conditions, and once again they’ve proved to be the masters of reinvention. Their latest brainchild: the deferred-income annuity, which has seen explosive… Read more

AnnuityAdvantage Recognizes National Annuity Awareness Month with Eight Reasons to Consider Fixed Annuities

June 24, 2014

MEDFORD, Ore., June 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — National Annuity Awareness Month is all about educating consumers. AnnuityAdvantage takes this aspect of its mission to heart; Founder Ken Nuss believes strongly that fixed annuities are the best and safest choice for retirement income security in uncertain times. The following are eight convincing arguments in his favor…. Read more

AnnuityAdvantage Celebrates 15 Years of Helping Retirees and Pre-retirees Make Informed Annuity Purchase Decisions, Enjoy Better Quality of Life

June 10, 2014

MEDFORD, Ore., June 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Looking back at fifteen years of success stories, the Annuity Specialists at AnnuityAdvantage ( have been witnesses to profound changes within the industry. Many of these changes stem from the revolutionary speed with which Internet and communications technology has quite literally redrawn the map of what’s possible. This… Read more

Deferred Income Annuities: Creating a Steady & Predictable Income Stream

May 05, 2014

Individuals are looking for ways to create and maintain a consistent source of income throughout their retirement years. What better way to achieve this than through deferred income annuities? For anyone nearing or in retirement and looking to create a predictable and guaranteed future income stream, utilizing a product like deferred income annuities can help… Read more

Significantly Greater Income Potential Among Key Advantages of Tax-deferred Fixed Annuities, According to Experts at AnnuityAdvantage

April 07, 2014

MEDFORD, Ore., April 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Safe, smart retirement planning means limiting fees and taxes while maximizing potential return and income. Tax-deferred fixed annuities provide a way to meet both of those goals. AnnuityAdvantage, ( an industry-leading marketer of fixed annuities and associated resources, encourages investors to strongly consider this type of savings vehicle… Read more

MarketWatch – Comparing CDs and Annuities for Savers

April 02, 2014

Take a look at these excerpts from a MarketWatch article titled, “Comparing CDs and annuities for savers” by John Gerard Lewis. In the article, is referenced as a resource for current annuity rates. Most research and analysis on the relative merits of multi-year guarantee fixed annuities and bank certificate of deposits (CDs) are heavy… Read more

Annuities and the Payout Process

January 22, 2014

Planning for retirement requires making strategic financial moves now in order to pave a smooth road ahead for your future income needs. Purchasing an annuity is a great way to grow your money without getting taxed on the interest earnings as your annuity account value increases. With a non-qualified annuity, your earnings are only taxed… Read more

Historically Low Interest Rates on Bonds May Help Overall Economy — But They Undermine Income Potential for Retirees

December 23, 2013

MEDFORD, Ore., Dec. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The abnormally low interest rates on bonds and other fixed income investments may be here for a very long time. That’s the word from the “Bond King” Bill Gross, CEO of PIMCO and world-renowned bond rate prognosticator. The effect of such low rates would be disastrous for the… Read more

Reasons People Aren’t Buying Annuities (And Why They Should)

November 11, 2013

Annuities are a way of investing your money so that you are guaranteed to receive a set income for the rest of your life. Many financial experts champion these financial products as a realistic portion of your retirement plan. However, many people who should be buying them aren’t opting to do so. Click HERE to continuing reading… Read more

Retirement Made Worry-Free: Outlines Top Five Features Near-Retirees Should Seek and Compare in Fixed Annuities

May 21, 2013

MEDFORD, Ore., May 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — For investors nearing retirement age, fixed annuities can provide a stable income source for many years. However,, a leading provider of online information in the annuities market, recommends taking the time to comparison shop before going all-in on a particular fixed annuity product. The company suggests that… Read more

Avoiding Market Vertigo: Warns Retirement Investors Against Heavy Rotation Into Equities

April 16, 2013

MEDFORD, Ore., April 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Some market analysts are predicting a so-called “Great Rotation” out of bonds and into stocks, while others believe that continual market uncertainty will lead to most investors staying put. In either case, the endgame may be less than ideal for those who have diligently and wisely saved for… Read more

Fixed Indexed Annuities: The Best of Both Worlds

April 15, 2013

Not that long ago, annuities were far simpler: Either you chose the safety of a fixed annuity, or elected to go for the riskier variable annuity. Now days, investors can choose from a far greater class of annuities — everything from immediate to deferred annuities, to book-value and market-value annuities. With such an explosion in… Read more

2012 Barron’s Top 50 Annuities

June 05, 2012

The following are selections from a Barron’s article titled, “Top 50 Annuities,” by Karen Hube. The article contains quotes from AnnuityAdvantage’s own Senior Annuity Analyst, Debi Dieterich. Annuities, which are insurance contracts, come in many shapes and sizes. They include fixed-rate, in which the principal compounds at a pre-set rate; variable, in which the principal… Read more

Wall Street Journal – How Well Do You Know… Fixed Annuities?

March 02, 2009

Following are excerpts from a Wall Street Journal article titled, “How Well Do You Know… Fixed Annuities?” by Leslie Scism. In the article, is referenced as a resource for current annuity rates. Back before 2008’s cruel lessons about the stock market, many individual investors saw little reason to bone up on boring subjects like… Read more

Recent Money Magazine Special Section Features Information, Quotes from

December 22, 2008

Money magazine special annuity section contains information, quotes from popular consumer Web site Medford, OR (PRWEB) December 22, 2008 — announced today that the November 2008 issue of Money magazine features information and quotes provided by company Founder and CEO Ken Nuss in its “Is Your Retirement Plan on Target?” section. The National… Read more

Fixed Annuity Rates Outperform Similar-Termed Bank CD Rates in Today’s Economic Climate

September 25, 2008

Multi-year guaranteed fixed annuities have better interest rates than bank certificates of deposit (CDs) due to current economic conditions. Medford, OR (PRWEB) September 25, 2008 — announced today that, according to a comparison of bank CD rates published on, multi-year guaranteed (MYG) fixed annuities offer higher interest rates than traditional bank certificates of… Read more

Annuity Buyers Find Timing is Right on Fixed Annuities Treasury Bond Rate Reaches Six Month High

November 03, 2005

With the current Treasury Bond rate over 4.5%, investors are incorporating fixed annuities — a fundamental, principal protected investment vehicle, in to their investment and retirement strategies. Medford, OR (PRWEB) November 3, 2005 — For the first time since March 2005, the 10 year Treasury bond rate is over 4.5%, and as a leading indicator… Read more

Forbes Magazine – Guaranteed Returns

June 09, 2003

Check out this article from Forbes Magazine titled, “Guaranteed Returns” by Carrie Coolidge. In the piece, is referenced as a Source for the included annuity rate chart. Here are a few selections from the article for your review. Looking to lock in a guaranteed rate that beats CDs? Fixed-rate CD-like deferred annuities may be the… Read more