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Category: Annuity Education

When Does an Immediate Annuity Begin Making Payments?

Annuities are a financial vehicle that has long been very popular for retirement planning, and people tend to have a lot of questions about how they work. More specifically, those looking into annuities as a retirement income option often wonder... Read more

Qualified vs Nonqualified Annuities, What’s the Difference?

Even if you’re lucky enough to love your work, the fact is, you’re going to have to retire eventually. This is a major life event on par with getting married or having children, and it’s similarly something that you need... Read more

What Are the Differences Between Immediate Annuities and Deferred Annuities?

It would be more accurate to separate immediate and deferred annuities into categories rather than types, since all different types of annuities can be classified as either immediate or deferred. Both immediate and deferred annuities can be fixed or variable... Read more

Debunking Annuity Myths

Planning for retirement is an involved process that can be stressful. Annuities, which are a popular way of planning for your retirement, are often misunderstood. Though not complicated in practice, there is a lot of nuance when it comes to... Read more

What Is the Difference Between Annuities and Life Insurance?

Asking about the difference between life insurance and annuities is common. The most common difference between life insurance and an annuity is that life insurance helps provide financial security to your loved ones if you pass away. Annuities provide either... Read more

How Do Income Annuities Work?

Nearing or at retirement age and want a strategy for retirement income? Income annuities might be the right answer for you. But how can you tell for sure? In this article, we’re discussing what income annuities are and how they... Read more

Are Annuities Taxable? A Guide to How Annuities are Taxed

Annuities offer powerful tax benefits to those planning for, or entering retirement. Unlike money market accounts, savings accounts, certificate of deposit (CDs), and most bonds, annuities carry the potential to create tax-deferred accumulation. For example, interest earned in a deferred... Read more

What Are Deferred Income (Longevity) Annuities and Who Should Consider Them?

Deferred income annuities are types of deferred annuities that guarantee lifetime monthly incomes starting at a future date specified in their contracts. The chief purpose of a longevity annuity is to efficiently protect a portion of your assets that are... Read more

What Are MYGA Annuities and What Can They Provide You?

Buying a fixed-rate guaranteed (MYGA) annuity can be an effective strategy for accumulating funds on a tax-deferred basis that can be converted to income during your retirement. As with other annuities, you purchase a MYGA annuity by submitting a completed... Read more

What Is the Difference Between Fixed, Fixed-Indexed, and Variable Annuities?

There are several types of annuities that you should be aware of while trying to choose a vehicle for your retirement funds. Annuities can be immediate or deferred and they can provide fixed or variable returns. In this article, we’re... Read more