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Business Cycle Basics: Recessions Begin and End Before We Know It

October 2020

In March 2020, most state governments ordered nonessential businesses to shut down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This sudden halt in business activity and the resulting spike in unemployment made a recession immediately predictable, although few had seen it… Read more

Insurance to Help Protect Your Business from Lawsuits

October 2020

Accidents and mistakes happen no matter how well a business is run, and the expenses involved in defending a lawsuit could be devastating, whether the owner is found to be at fault or not. Fortunately, liability insurance can help offset… Read more

Investing in UITs

October 2020

You may be familiar with the most common types of investment companies — mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) — but how much do you know about a third type: unit investment trusts (UITs)? They are structured differently and offer… Read more

Accumulating Funds for Short-Term Goals

October 2020

Stock market volatility in 2020 has clearly reinforced at least one important investing principle: Short-term goals typically require a conservative investment approach. If your portfolio loses 20% of its value due to a temporary event, it would require a 25%… Read more

Return of Premium Life Insurance: Protection and Cash Back

October 2020

You have decided you need life insurance coverage and are considering buying a term policy. But you ask your financial professional, “Do I get any of my money back at the end of the term?” It’s possible, if you consider… Read more

HOT TOPIC: Election 2020: Uncertainty Creates Potential for Market Swings

October 2020

There are clear differences between President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden — and the political parties they represent — when it comes to tax policies, spending priorities, and overall economic strategies. For this reason, a shift in… Read more

Why Family Businesses Should Have Succession Plans

September 2020

The family drama surrounding an aging media mogul — and his unresolved succession plans — are at the center of a hit television show. For family businesses, succession plans are designed to ensure the orderly transfer of ownership and leadership… Read more

Student Loan Stress? These Plans Might Help

September 2020

Although student loans are usually associated with young people, about 23% of the $1.5 trillion total student loan debt in the United States is owed by people ages 50 and older — and many of these loans are in serious… Read more

Consider Market Caps for Diversification

September 2020

The extreme market volatility of 2020 has rattled investors’ nerves, but it also can provide an opportunity to diversify at discount prices. One way to diversify the equity portion of your portfolio is to hold stocks of companies of different… Read more

Survivor Benefits Provide a Financial Lifeline

September 2020

The decisions you make when claiming your Social Security retirement benefit could make a big difference to survivor benefits that might be available to your spouse. That’s why it is important to consider these benefits long before they are needed…. Read more

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