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A Business Plan Can Be Your Guide to Growth

February 2019

Whether you’re a current business owner or a budding entrepreneur burning with the next great idea, one of the most important steps you can take on your journey to success is creating a business plan. A well-written business plan captures your vision, illustrates it for others (including potential lenders and investors), and ultimately becomes a… Read more

Seeking Synergy: Why Mergers and Acquisitions Matter to Investors

February 2019

Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in U.S.-targeted transactions surged to the highest level on record in the first half of 2018. There were 4,425 deals worth $1.06 trillion — a 74% increase in deal volume over the same period of 2017. There has also been a notable rise in mega deals exceeding $10 billion.1 Collectively,… Read more

Getting Real About Retirement

February 2019

Preparing for retirement can be daunting, but like any challenge it helps to take a hard look at some real data. Yet only 29% of workers or their spouses have tried to estimate their retirement expenses, and only 33% have estimated the monthly retirement income they would need.1 For younger people, this may be understandable…. Read more

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

February 2019

January is named after the Roman god Janus, who was portrayed as having two faces: one looking backward, the other looking forward. In a similar manner, economists like to look in both directions to better understand economic trends. But instead of two faces, they use economic measures called “indicators.” Some economists consider unusual trends. For… Read more

Need to Tap Your 401(k)? Proceed with Care

February 2019

Everyone faces challenges, and some challenges require more cash than you have readily available. If you find yourself in that position, you might eye your 401(k) balance and consider using those funds to meet your present needs. That’s a natural response, but it’s usually not a good idea. Taxes and Lost Growth If you are… Read more

HOT TOPIC: What Are the Costs of the Government Shutdown?

February 2019

The longest government shutdown in U.S. history ended after 35 days on January 25, 2019. A temporary appropriations bill extended funding for all shuttered federal agencies to February 15, 2019, while a bipartisan committee negotiates a new spending bill for the Department of Homeland Security.1 The full impact of the shutdown will not be known… Read more

Some Small Companies Facing Tariff Troubles

January 2019

The Trump administration has been using tariffs — or the threat of tariffs — in its efforts to reduce the trade deficit, address unfair trade practices, and push multinational businesses to move production back to the United States. In response, major trading partners including China, India, the European Union, Mexico, and Canada have retaliated with… Read more

Technology Trend: How Blockchain Could Impact the Future

January 2019

Blockchain is a data structure used to create a digital ledger shared among a distributed network of computers. It was initially designed for the peer-to-peer exchange of the virtual currency bitcoin. However, businesses and governments worldwide are now exploring blockchain technologies as they seek to improve transparency, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Investment in blockchain… Read more

Are Your Designated Heirs Up-to-Date?

January 2019

The end of the year is a time when families often gather together. Although these gatherings may keep you busy, this could be a good time to think about the future and make sure that you have correctly designated family members and any others you wish as beneficiaries in your will, insurance policies, and financial… Read more

Consider a Customized Disability Policy

January 2019

If you are in good health, disability insurance may not be high on your list of financial priorities. But the statistics might surprise you. A 50-year-old has a 36% chance of experiencing at least one disability lasting 90 days or more before reaching age 65.1 Less surprising, perhaps, is that older people often take longer… Read more

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