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Concerned About Inflation? Consider TIPS

August 2021

Inflation has been relatively low for the last decade, but the economic stimulus packages and recovery from the pandemic are expected to heat up the U.S. economy.1 Even so, the Federal Reserve has indicated it will let inflation run above... Read more

Crisis Averted? Financial Help for Struggling Renters and Landlords

August 2021

By one estimate, U.S. landlords were owed about $57 billion in unpaid back rent at the beginning of 2021. The average household that fell behind owed about four months of rent, or $5,600. Altogether, more than 10 million U.S. families... Read more

Don’t Let Debt Derail Your Retirement

August 2021

Debt poses a growing threat to the financial security of many Americans — and not just college graduates with exorbitant student loans. Recent studies by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College (CRR) and the Employee Benefit Research Institute... Read more

Company Stock and Your Retirement Strategy

August 2021

The opportunity to acquire company stock — inside or outside a workplace retirement plan — can be a lucrative employee benefit. Your compensation may include stock options or bonuses paid in company stock. Shares may be offered at a discount... Read more

International Investing: Opportunity Overseas?

August 2021

For the past decade, U.S. stocks have outperformed foreign stocks by a wide margin, due in large part to the stronger U.S. recovery after the Great Recession. In general, U.S. companies have been more nimble and innovative in response to... Read more

HOT TOPIC: Antitrust Crackdown Aims to Increase Competition

August 2021

In July, the president issued an executive order intended to “combat excessive consolidation of industry, abuses of market power, and the harmful effects of monopoly.” More than a dozen federal agencies were directed to begin working on 72 initiatives that... Read more

HOT TOPIC: Hostage Data: Ransomware and Protecting Your Digital Information

July 2021

On May 7, 2021, the Colonial Pipeline, which carries almost half of the East Coast’s fuel supply from Texas to New Jersey, shut down operations in response to a ransomware attack. Colonial paid a $4.4 million ransom not long after... Read more

Stock Market Risks in the Spotlight

July 2021

During March 2021, the widening availability of COVID-19 vaccinations, signs of improving economic conditions, and a third, $1.9 trillion stimulus package brought about more optimistic growth projections. Even though a healthy economy could be good news for many businesses and... Read more

Considerations When Making Gifts to Children

July 2021

If you make significant gifts to your children or someone else’s children (perhaps a grandchild, a nephew, or a niece), or if someone else makes gifts to your children, there are a number of things to consider. Nontaxable Gift Transfers... Read more

Pension or Lump Sum: Which Should You Choose?

July 2021

Traditional pensions, which promise lifetime income payments in retirement, have become less common in the private sector, with only about 10% of workers currently participating in a traditional pension plan. However, pensions are still widely offered in federal, state, and... Read more

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