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Building Blocks for Financing College with Less Debt

February 2022

Financing a college education with the least amount of debt involves putting together a variety of resources in the most favorable way for your family. It requires planning, savings discipline, an understanding of financial aid, smart college research, and good... Read more

How to Correct an Error on Your Credit Report

February 2022

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), credit report errors more than doubled during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the CFPB found that many pandemic protections which were designed to help consumers, such as loan forbearance periods on federal... Read more

Preparing for Libor to Leave the Building

February 2022

The London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) — once called the world’s most important number — is an interest-rate benchmark that has influenced borrowing costs for consumers, businesses, and investors around the world since 1986.1–2 It’s been quoted in five currencies... Read more

Are You a HENRY? Consider These Wealth-Building Strategies

February 2022

HENRY is a catchy acronym for “high earner, not rich yet.” It describes a demographic made up of young and often highly educated professionals with substantial incomes but little or no savings. HENRYs generally have enviable career prospects, but many... Read more

Did You Know Medicaid May Pay You as a Family Caregiver?

February 2022

Each day, millions of parents, children, siblings, and spouses selflessly sacrifice their time and energy to care for family members affected by illness, injury, or disability. Their efforts help meet numerous social, financial, nursing, and everyday personal care needs such... Read more

HOT TOPIC: Help Wanted: Why Can’t Businesses Find Enough Workers?

February 2022

The headline U.S. unemployment rate fell from 6.7% at the end of December 2020 to 3.9% in December 2021 — the biggest one-year improvement in history.1 While many workers took advantage of this strong rebound in the job market, companies... Read more

401(k) and IRA: A Combined Savings Strategy

January 2022

Contributing to an employer-sponsored retirement plan or an IRA is a big step on the road to retirement, but contributing to both can significantly boost your retirement assets. A recent study found that, on average, individuals who owned both a... Read more

Charitable Giving Can Be a Family Affair

January 2022

As families grow in size and overall wealth, a desire to “give back” often becomes a priority. Cultivating philanthropic values can help foster responsibility and a sense of purpose among both young and old alike, while providing financial benefits. Charitable... Read more

Your Social Security Statement: What’s in It for You?

January 2022

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides personalized Social Security Statements to help Americans age 18 and older better understand the benefits that Social Security offers. Your Statement contains a detailed record of your earnings and estimates of retirement, disability, and... Read more

Going Public: How Are Direct Listings Different from IPOs?

January 2022

An initial public offering (IPO) is the first public sale of stock shares by a private company. IPOs are important to the financial markets because they help fuel the growth of innovative young companies and add new stocks to the... Read more

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