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Category: Estates & Trusts

History of the Federal Estate Tax

History of the Federal Estate Tax The history of estate taxes in America has been a long and winding road. Careful estate planning is still one of the most important ways to manage and protect your assets for your heirs.... Read more

Property Ownership

What Is the Best Form of Property Ownership for Me? In planning your estate, it is customary to consider wills and trusts (as well as intestacy) as a means of property distribution. As a matter of fact, the manner in... Read more

Family Limited Partnerships

Could My Family Benefit from a Family Limited Partnership? Effective estate planning should address wealth transfer from a practical and cost-effective approach. One estate planning strategy that families with closely held businesses should consider is the family limited partnership. What... Read more

Wealth Replacement Trusts

How Can I Benefit from a Wealth Replacement Trust? Charitable giving can be a rewarding experience by allowing you to both give and receive. To enjoy the benefits of charitable giving, you can utilize a variety of strategies. The Basics... Read more

Charitable Remainder Trusts

How Can I Benefit from a Charitable Remainder Trust? Sometimes it takes tough economic times and natural disasters to unite and bring out the best in people. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes have served to bring communities together... Read more

Charitable Lead Trusts

How Can I Benefit from a Charitable Lead Trust? Charitable lead trusts are designed for people who would like to benefit a charity now rather than later. You may have heard about some charitable trust strategies before but decided against... Read more

Gifting Strategies

What Gifting Strategies Are Available to Me? There are a number of different gifting strategies available for planned giving. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Instead of making an outright gift, you could choose to use a charitable lead trust.... Read more

Benefits of A-B Trusts

Can I Benefit from an A-B Trust? Married couples have several ways to potentially avoid any estate tax liability when they leave assets to each other. Because of the unlimited marital deduction, no estate taxes are due when one spouse... Read more

Paying Estate Taxes

How Will I Pay Estate Taxes? Estate taxes. It’s not enough to simply know they exist, and to know strategies to minimize them. When it comes down to it, you need to plan how you and your family will eventually... Read more

Controlling the Distribution

How Can I Control the Distribution of My Estate? There are a number of ways your estate can be distributed to your heirs after your death. Each allows a different degree of control over distribution, and each poses different challenges... Read more