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Deferred Income Annuities: Creating a Steady & Predictable Income Stream

Categories: Fixed Annuities, Retirement

iStock_000021881390Small Individuals are looking for ways to create and maintain a consistent source of income throughout their retirement years. What better way to achieve this than through deferred income annuities? For anyone nearing or in retirement and looking to create a predictable and guaranteed future income stream, utilizing a product like deferred income annuities can help attain the desired income stability.

What is a deferred income annuity? LifeHealthPro defines a deferred income annuity, or DIA, as a newer type of annuity that is essentially the cross between a single premium immediate annuity and a single premium deferred annuity.

In a piece by Emily Holbrook, she explains how DIAs, “allow buyers to convert a lump sum into a pension-like series of payouts for life.” In general, with deferred income annuities, individuals have the opportunity to turn a portion of their existing savings into a consistent stream of revenue over a course of many years, beginning at 13 months and up to 40 years into the future. This type of annuity is typically for someone looking for a predictable, steady income stream that starts at a predetermined future date and is guaranteed throughout retirement.

The popularity of the deferred income annuity couldn’t have come at a better time. Further in the LifeHealthPro article we see the positive aspects of these long-term annuities discussed by Dave Simbro, senior vice president of life and annuity at Northwestern Mutual. He states, “Longevity annuities were a product that academics loved, but no one really bought. Addressing DIA needs of a younger market also created the opportunity for more innovative product design.” Thus, we welcomed the deferred income annuity.

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