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FORTUNE Magazine – How an Annuity Can Protect You

Published: July 11, 2005 Categories: Immediate Annuities, In the News

In a recent article from FORTUNE Magazine titled, “How an Annuity Can Protect You” by Julia Boorstin, is referenced as a website worth visiting when comparison shopping to find an annuity with the most generous payout.

Here are some of the highlights.

When it comes to retirement planning, few investment vehicles generate the confusion annuities do. The most basic annuity, known as an immediate fixed lifetime annuity, works like this: You pay an insurer a lump sum–usually upon retiring–in exchange for regular payments until you die. (These aren’t to be confused with variable annuities, which give you payouts that depend on market returns, or deferred annuities, savings vehicles that begin paying out years after an initial deposit.)

Many annuities offer a dizzying array of options, from inflation-adjusted payouts to complicated withdrawal provisions.

And yet with the disappearance of traditional pensions and questions about Social Security, annuities’ guarantee of lifetime income is looking more appealing, even to the pros.

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