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Recent Money Magazine Special Section Features Information, Quotes from

Published: December 22, 2008 Categories: Annuity Education, Fixed Annuities, In the News, Press Releases

Money magazine special annuity section contains information, quotes from popular consumer Web site

Medford, OR (PRWEB) December 22, 2008 — announced today that the November 2008 issue of Money magazine features information and quotes provided by company Founder and CEO Ken Nuss in its “Is Your Retirement Plan on Target?” section. The National Association of Fixed Annuities sponsored the special section, designed to act as a primer for those looking to learn about the “safety net” offered by fixed annuities.

“Money, as well as being a respected personal finance magazine, also points out the benefits of fixed annuities,” said Nuss. “We appreciate being included in the November special retirement section.”

“Is Your Retirement Plan on Target?” describes how fixed annuities, specifically CD-type annuities, can act as a safety net in today’s volatile stock market. Because they are not subject to the ups and downs of the market, fixed annuities provide stability to those who desire it.

CD-type annuities, also called multi-year guaranteed annuities, pay a fixed rate of interest for a specific term, much like bank certificates of deposit. One advantage that CD-type annuities have over bank CDs is that the interest rate is usually higher. As Nuss notes, the average rate of return for five-year bank CDs is currently 3.44%**. Whereas, a recent five year CD-type annuity offered on had an interest rate of 5.75%.

Nuss also points out an often-overlooked feature of fixed annuities – tax deferral on any interest earnings. The interest earned by fixed annuities accrues tax-deferred until the money is withdrawn from the annuity policy.

“Fixed annuities offer consumers a safe alternative to stock market investing,” said Nuss. “One that offers greater yields than traditional bank savings.” works with over 40 of the top insurance companies in the country and handles hundreds of annuity products, from simple CD-type annuities to single premium lifetime immediate annuities that provide monthly income to retirees. Focusing exclusively on annuities allows the Specialists to make customized recommendations to each client.

A PDF of “Is Your Retirement Plan on Target?” can be viewed at 0811_MONEY_Annuities.pdf. To contact, visit their web site or call 1-800-239-0356.

**Source 12/21/2008