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fixed annuities

Reviews & Testimonials

“Our experience with AnnuityAdvantage was outstanding! They always returned our phone calls, kept us informed as to what was happening with our annuity purchase and accomplished what they said they would. Our transaction went smoothly and quickly. The Annuity Specialist’s personal attention to detail and care for us as individuals was most appreciated.”

- Bill & Mitzi L. – Dunnellon, FL

“Although the favorable interest rates offered by AnnuityAdvantage are definitely worth considering, it was the notion of investing for the long-term that the Annuity Specialist at AnnuityAdvantage impressed upon me that was of tremendous assistance. I will always appreciate it. Thank you.”

- Praveen M. – San Jose, CA

“It was my goal to search for an annuity offered by a company that had high financial stability plus paid a top yield. AnnuityAdvantage gave me a list of such annuities to consider with a knowledgeable staff to help answer all of my questions.”

- Larry E. – Glenwood Springs, CO

“I first purchased annuities over 20 years ago to fund my children's education and was pleased with their return. I was skeptical about dealing over the internet when I recently needed both protection and a guaranteed return for my long-term savings accounts. However, the experience I had with AnnuityAdvantage and their prompt response using the internet, phone, and overnight delivery was superior to local agents. I would not hesitate to contact them for future purchases.”

- Jim J. – Knoxville, TN

“I knew absolutely nothing about annuities prior to contacting AnnuityAdvantage. I didn't know an IRA from a 401K, and would have made DREADFUL mistakes about how to disperse my retirement funds without the capable, sensitive, and professional people associated with AnnuityAdvantage. My experience was such a positive one, and it would take far too long to itemize all the "corrections" offered in the way of counseling that ultimately made my retirement so comfortable. Also, their follow-up help after the sale (with tax questions, change of beneficiaries, etc.) has been invaluable. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

- Judy C. – Portland, OR