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Reviews & Testimonials

"Multiple phone calls with AnnuityAdvantage convinced me that they had the knowledge and resources to patiently guide me, a conviction that I did not find in my hometown financial advisor. The annuities I purchased were persistently researched by their sales representative, never "pushing" a favorite, always objectively answering questions and making it easy to buy with confidence."

- Robert S. – Cincinnati, OH

"We were looking for a way to secure our retirement with annuities and discovered AnnuityAdvantage while searching the internet. After researching numerous annuity providers, we found the rates available through AnnuityAdvantage to be superior as compared to the offerings of other brokers. The AnnuityAdvantage representative was never pushy, was very helpful in providing detailed information and patiently assisted us in selecting the right annuity for our needs. We are very grateful and thankful for all of her help."

- Mr. & Mrs. Rom S. – Cape Coral, FL

“My experience with AnnuityAdvantage was superb. The website effectively described a wide range of available annuity products, and the account executive provided indispensable assistance in identifying the annuities best suited to my situation. I am delighted with the annuities I purchased. Thank you AnnuityAdvantage!”

- Brent E. – Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I shopped around quite a bit and did my homework on annuities before purchasing mine. I must say that AnnuityAdvantage provided everything I was told to look for from a company that markets annuity products. The customer service I received was excellent, and I am looking forward to doing business with them again!”

- Linda H. – New York, NY

“Thank you AnnuityAdvantage for a wonderful service. You handled our money as if it was your own, answered all of our questions promptly and completed our annuity investment in a timely manner. We look forward to a long investment relationship with your company.”

- Bill and Joan T. – Staten Island, NY

"The customer service I receive from AnnuityAdvantage is always A+. My questions and concerns are answered quickly and professionally, so that I am able to make an informed decision about each of my annuity purchases. Because AnnuityAdvantage is an independent annuity broker, I know that my Annuity Specialist provides me with unbiased advice about the best products in the market place that meet my individual needs. I would not hesitate to recommend AnnuityAdvantage to anyone in need of an annuity."

- Chad V. – Santa Monica, CA

“I have had the extreme pleasure of working with AnnuityAdvantage. I was really confused at what to do with a portion of my savings. But when I first spoke with the Annuity Specialist, I knew within the first 30 seconds that I had found someone who was considerate, had a great deal of knowledge and really listened. She gave me several options and explored each one with great patience and ALOT of her time. I really am so happy and confident about the products I bought, the Annuity Specialist I dealt with and AnnuityAdvantage in general. Thank you so much AnnuityAdvantage!”

- Linda M. – Manahawkin, NJ

“Thank you AnnuityAdvantage for helping me to better understand the various types of annuities. Because of your input and explanations, I have added an annuity as an important part of my overall portfolio. This portion of my portfolio adds a very stable aspect to round out its overall diversification and secure its future growth with less risk.”

- Tom W. – St. Augustine, FL

“At first I was very skeptical about dealing with an investment consultant over the internet without actually knowing the people involved. However, the abundance of easy-to-understand information and the pressure free selection process of annuity products appropriate for my needs convinced me to purchase my annuities through AnnuityAdvantage. I was very pleased with the responsiveness and detail support provided by the Annuity Specialist who followed-up with the paperwork and saw all of my transactions through to their final conclusion. Thumbs-up to AnnuityAdvantage for a great service.”

- Horst S. – Freehold, NJ

“I was very pleased in my dealings with AnnuityAdvantage, both via the internet and over the telephone. They provided detailed annuity listings, educational comment, specific recommendations, and requested technical details in a timely manner. Assistance with purchasing a contract was expeditious, professional, and follow-up communication provided a very satisfactory relationship. As a retired person, I feel that the annuity purchased favorably meets my requirements. I would recommend their service to anyone looking for an annuity.”

- George G. – Sun City Center, FL

“Our experience with AnnuityAdvantage was outstanding! They always returned our phone calls, kept us informed as to what was happening with our annuity purchase and accomplished what they said they would. Our transaction went smoothly and quickly. The Annuity Specialist’s personal attention to detail and care for us as individuals was most appreciated.”

- Bill & Mitzi L. – Dunnellon, FL

“Although the favorable interest rates offered by AnnuityAdvantage are definitely worth considering, it was the notion of investing for the long-term that the Annuity Specialist at AnnuityAdvantage impressed upon me that was of tremendous assistance. I will always appreciate it. Thank you.”

- Praveen M. – San Jose, CA

“It was my goal to search for an annuity offered by a company that had high financial stability plus paid a top yield. AnnuityAdvantage gave me a list of such annuities to consider with a knowledgeable staff to help answer all of my questions.”

- Larry E. – Glenwood Springs, CO

“I first purchased annuities over 20 years ago to fund my children's education and was pleased with their return. I was skeptical about dealing over the internet when I recently needed both protection and a guaranteed return for my long-term savings accounts. However, the experience I had with AnnuityAdvantage and their prompt response using the internet, phone, and overnight delivery was superior to local agents. I would not hesitate to contact them for future purchases.”

- Jim J. – Knoxville, TN

“I knew absolutely nothing about annuities prior to contacting AnnuityAdvantage. I didn't know an IRA from a 401K, and would have made DREADFUL mistakes about how to disperse my retirement funds without the capable, sensitive, and professional people associated with AnnuityAdvantage. My experience was such a positive one, and it would take far too long to itemize all the "corrections" offered in the way of counseling that ultimately made my retirement so comfortable. Also, their follow-up help after the sale (with tax questions, change of beneficiaries, etc.) has been invaluable. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

- Judy C. – Portland, OR

"AnnuityAdvantage provides everything one needs to know about annuities. Their website is simple to navigate and allows for an easy comparison of all available annuities. I was quite impressed with their helpful personal service when I contacted them to finalize my choice. A tax-deferred annuity with a guaranteed rate complements my investment portfolio of stocks and bonds. I've now purchased several annuities from AnnuityAdvantage, and am very happy with my decision."

- Lily C. – Los Angeles, CA

“Working with AnnuityAdvantage has been a very rewarding experience. The AnnuityAdvantage representative was very polite, patient and professional. She provided me with several different options, answered all my questions and helped me select the best annuity to meet my individual needs. Thanks AnnuityAdvantage.”

- Steve H. – Lerna, IL