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fixed annuities

Category: In the News

The Christian Science Monitor - More Drawn to Annuities That Offer Safety with Stocks

August 2005 CEO and Founder, Ken Nuss, extensively quoted in article from The Christian Science Monitor titled, “More drawn to annuities that offer safety with stocks” by Martin Skala. Here are some of the highlights... Can you link the returns on... Read more

FORTUNE Magazine - How an Annuity Can Protect You

July 2005

In a recent article from FORTUNE Magazine titled, “How an Annuity Can Protect You” by Julia Boorstin, is referenced as a website worth visiting when comparison shopping to find an annuity with the most generous payout. Here are some of... Read more

Forbes Magazine - Guaranteed Returns

June 2003

Check out this article from Forbes Magazine titled, “Guaranteed Returns” by Carrie Coolidge. In the piece, is referenced as a Source for the included annuity rate chart. Here are a few selections from the article for your review. Looking to... Read more