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CBS MoneyWatch – 7 Best Annuities to Guarantee Income for Life

Published: December 08, 2009 Categories: Immediate Annuities, In the News

Check out this article from CBS MoneyWatch titled, “7 Best Annuities to Guarantee Income for Life” by Kathy Kristof. In the piece, is referenced as a useful site for finding the best immediate annuities that meet individual needs. Here are a few snippets from the article.

You probably don’t lie awake at night worrying that you’ll live too long. But maybe you should. The biggest financial risk retirees face isn’t volatile investment returns — it’s longevity. Will your money last as long as you do?

In a world of increasing life spans, disappearing pensions, and crashing markets, immediate annuities almost look sexy. An immediate annuity is an insurance policy against a man-made disaster: that you run out of cash. You give the insurer a chunk of change, and, in exchange, you receive a contracted amount every month for the rest of your life, like a pension. (The monthly payout is net of the fees the insurer keeps.) The longer you live, the better the deal is for you.

MoneyWatch did a rigorous analysis of more than 100 insurers to find the seven sturdiest ones paying the most.

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